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Holiday to Australia and New Zealand in November 2005 04/10/2005 17:39:49

Australia and New Zealand are a very long way away from England but its where my Aunt and Uncle now live and I think its time I visited! Okay its a good excuse to go and explore a country I have heard so much about.

What better than having a 3 week holiday to the southern hemisphere than one that you actually know what you might be doing while you travel there. So below is a rough idea of where we will be and when whilst we explore away.

Sydney - Australia
Arrive - : 13th November 2005 06:10
Depart - : 16th November 2005 10:15
For full details of our stay in Sydney click here

Auckland - New Zealand
Arrive - : 16th November 2005 15:30
Depart - : 18th November 2005 11:20
For full details of our stay in Auckland click here

Queenstown - New Zealand
Arrive - : 18th November 2005 13:10
Depart - : 3rd December 2005 18:30
For full details of our stay in Queenstown click here

Cannot wait to get on with it..... well everything apart from a full day flying across the world in a plane ;)

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