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The Lovely Hill Station - Matheran
23/01/2005 10:20:05

Matheran remains quiet and unpolluted, so far removed from the maddening chaos of Mumbai, largely because no vehicles are allowed within the town. Here, walking or being rolled in a buggy by rickshaw pullers is the accepted mode of transport.

The countryside remains untouched and beautiful, even though Matheran has been a popular tourist destination for decades. Thick, shady forests, steep cliffs that veer up to dizzying heights, a silent waterfall, a lonely river, red soil and velvet moss for miles around you. The roads are still unpaved dirt tracks and the greenery is allowed to have its way. The pleasing disorderliness of Matheran lulls you into the realisation that big city life has surely got to be very far, far away.

There seems to be an obsession with unusually named lookout points; Matheran has 33 such points from where you can feast your eyes on the Sahyadris and the valleys below, and admire rosy sunrises and sunsets. Walk up to Porcupine Point, Hart Point, Monkey Point, Panorama Point and Malang Point, and hear your voice duplicated at Echo Point.

Mumbai's nearest hill station is Matheran but visitors come from all over India. Matheran was once inhabited by aborginal tribes who now live in the valleys below.

Rosie, Sham, Bryan, Adam, Randeep and Prassad joined in on the adventure.



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