Offshore in India 11/25/2020 4:50:15 PM
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Offshore in India
27/03/2016 09:41:32

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When offered the opportunity to continue my Jupiter adventure many many miles away from Woking and even further away from home I simply couldn't resist signing myself up.

A month or two maybe four in Mumbai, India, was on the cards. Who could resist leaving the cold wet winter behind and jetting out to spend some time in the Indian springtime?

Not really being 100% sure what I might do but being sure it would be hard work but rewarding, I started with the plans of filling in my Visa and reading the notes supplied from previous workers to the offshore office.

Whoops! Hold it!! What's this all about!! Nobody mentioned the nigh on 12 injections one might have to take before entering into the adventure.

Well I guess hating needles cannot continue throught my life so time to get on with it. I'll take the jabs with a smile on my face :).

So I guess if I am able to find the time to fill in the application form for my Visa I will document my experience right here.



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