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Mani Bhavin
26/07/2004 19:15:06

Mani Bhavin was Ghandi's Bombay house from 1917 - 1934. He launched from here Satyagraha in 1919 and Civil Disobedience in 1932. A selection of images from around the house.

Outside view of Mani Bhavin

Outside view of Mani Bhavin

 Plaque outside of the house

Plaque outside of the house

 Room that Ghandi lived in

The room that Ghandi live in within Mani Bhavin

 Victim of colour - 1892

Victim of Colour - A tale of the old South Africa. On a complaint by a white passenger Ghandi was thrown out of the first class railway compartment at Maritzburg.

 Chilling on Ghandi's balcony

Watching the world pass by from the balcony on Mani Bhavin.



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