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Elephanta Island II
26/07/2004 19:15:40

More images from the trip to Elephanta Island.

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Ah the caves....

Excited about what might be inside Adam and Sham make strides towards the main caves.

 Engraving Inside

The caves were quite dark and thus not too many decent photos. Need to get some of Shams special 'best' photos which came out really well. Here is one of the engravings - still quite impressive.

 Sham meets the monkeys

Go on Sham get a little closer. Stroke him..... I'm sure he won't bite!

 Toy train ride

Sham and I get into the whole experience on the toy train which took us back to the boat - well maybe it was just me.

 Sunset over Mumbai

On the way back to the Gateway of India the sun set over the city backdrop. There are many shots of those but this was my favourite with the lowering sun highlighting all around.

 Taxi breaks down.

So after haggling for around 10 minutes we managed to get a taxi to take us back home only to break down. Look carefully... yes past Sham who look rather dodgy in the blue light and you'll see the bonnet up. Another taxi arrived and we were off on our way again.

 Adam found it a hard day

After travelling by Rik/Train/Taxi/Boat/Toy Train and Taxi again not all of us were able to keep up with the pace.



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