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Elephanta Island I
26/07/2004 19:15:24

The caves on Elephanta Island are a popular tourist attraction. Approached by boats plying from the Gateway of India it was so named by the Portuguse when they discovered the figure of a large stone elephant.

Our journey to the islands was quite remarkable. We went on the local train to VT. Then a local taxi to the Gateway to collect our boat to take us to the island. There was a toy train on the island that we took a ride on before using a taxi and a rik to get back to the hotel.

The island was rather nice and we didn't struggle too much with the 100 or so steps to the caves.

But NO elephants on the island. Hmmmm - might need to go to Hyderbad.

Click on image to enlarge

Vikhroli Station

After much discussion about getting the local train we tooks Shams advice and ignored the girls on the desk our colleagues in the office and the ancient man who had had his pen stolen 60 years ago before an exam on a 'local' train. We would take our chances.

 Man hangs from train.

The view from the side of the train. There are no automatic closing doors - just you a pole to hang onto and the track!

 Bryan and Adam hang on...

Its not surprsing that people get thrown from the trains. The death rate is currently 15 people a day just in Mumbai. Here we show the protection given to customers to keep them inside.

 Leaving for Elephanta Island

To get to Elephanta Island you have to make an hours trip on a boat. Here we leave the Gateway of India towards the island. The impressive Taj Hotel is to the left.

 Welcome to Elephanta Island

So one should not become too friendly with the monkeys. And there I was thinking of bringing one back to keep the apartment company.

 Monkey on a gate

One of the many monkeys around the caves.

 Details of Elephanta Island

The now common blue signpost around most Historic areas. Enlarge and read more about the place.



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