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Kanheri Caves
26/07/2004 19:15:56

The guidebook stated that there were some caves within the National Park. Little did we know how many of them. There were loads and some really interesting ones. But the highlight of the afternoon and probably the year for the others was the feeding some of the monkeys.

Well at least when the big brute decided he'd attack me! No picture on the site but I have an ace small movie. Needless to say flies and even leaves were treated with utmost respect following the incident. Fortunatelly he didn't hurt me so I let him escape with his life - or did I simply just jump out of my skin and leg it.

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Another blue sign

Another one of the blue signs details all about Kanheri Caves. Turns out monks have been here since the 1st century BC.

 Cave Number 3

Cave Number 3 was talked about heavily in the guide book. Infact they stated just see this and then leave. Instead we checked out almost all of the caves up and down some steep mountain slopes.

 Group Photo under an impressive carving.

The gang under one of the best carvings to be seen. Mishra - our driver joins in the picture. He had many stories when he had come with his wife and suggested we return in the monsoon season when it is all green - wet and beautiful.

 More carvings in the stone

More cool carvings in the stone

 Sham and Adam look out across the valley and towards Verstapen?

Sham and Adam look out across the valley and towards Verstapen?

 Feeding time for the monkeys

After spending a long time understanding how to get the monkeys interested in oneself a packet of berries soon did the trick.

 Another monkey takes a look

With berries around a number of monkies became interested. This was before the big brute arrived chased all the others away nicked the berries and attacked me!

 Chilling at the end

After walking up and down in the heat it was time to get some welcome refreshments.