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Trip to Delhi
23/01/2005 10:16:49

Our second trip away from Mumbai saw us trek Nortwards to Delhi. Delhi was to be our base to see one of the seven wonders of the world - the Taj Mahal.

Delhi is the capital of India and the third-largest city after Mumbai and Calcutta. Delhi has not always been the capital of India but it has played an important role in Indian history. Delhi is a relatively easy city to find your way around in, although it is very spread out. The section of interest to visitors is on the west bank of the Yamuna River and is divided basically into two parts, viz. Old Delhi and New Delhi.

Old Delhi is basically the 17th century walled city of Shahjahanabad, with city gates, narrow alleys, the enormous Red Fort and Jama Masjid, temples, mosques, bazaars and the famous street/area known as Chandni Chowk. New Delhi is a planned city of wide, tree-lined streets, parks and fountains. Its hub is the great circle of Connaught Place and the streets that radiate south from it.

We flew to Delhi and then took the train to Agra the following morning to see the Taj. Even managed to by some rather pricy items made by the descendants of those who built the Taj itself. Either that or a bunch of crooks.

There were numerous things to do in and about Delhi and enjoyed travelling on a cycle rik and in the worlds fastest rik.



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