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Miscellaneous - Part One
26/07/2004 19:16:11

There have been a number of places that we have been to see but do not require a full page all to their own. Find some snaps from around Mumbai here.

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The hanging gardens on Malabar Hill

The hanging gardens are situated at the top of Malabar Hill. A panaoramic view of the city can be seen from the gardens also known as Kamala Nehru Park. The gardens were laid to conceal the water reservoirs.

 Lion? - a tree structure in the park

In the park there were many animals shaped out of the bushes. Half of these were totally bonkers - see if you think this is a lion?

 View from the top of Malabar Hill

One of the great views across the city from Malabar Hill

 Group photo at the top of Malabar Hill

Group photo at the top of Malabar Hill

 Sunset on marine drive

Sunset on marine drive. Just after sunset you are able to see on of the main toursit attractions - the 'Queen Necklace'. This is because the road glitters with streetlights and resembles a glowing pearl string.

 Sham with the sunset on Marine Drive

Sunset with Sham sat on the bay wall on Marine drive. Marine drive starts from Malabar Hill and ends at Nariman Point.

 One of the Parliment Buildings

A good looking parliment building situated opposite Victoria Terminus.

 Victoria Terminus

Designed in the Gothic style the railway terminus is considered to be archutecturally one of the finest stations in Peninsula Railway. Complete with carved stone freezes stained glass windows and buttresses it is an awesome edifice that citizens view the deep pride. The station was opened to traffic in 1882 and named after Queen Victoria on Jubilee Day 1887.

This photo shows the busy inside of the station. The trains are much wider than those in the UK and just as busy.



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