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Least Viewed Pages
08/08/2003 16:23:30

This page shows details of the least viewed pages on the site. This is likely to be the newest pages on the site but can give a slight insight into what is not being viewed on the site.

Channel Security Management (368 views, last view 17/06/2019 01:04:38)
To allow different groups access to the site, the channel need to be configured to allow them access. All security is done through channels and groups.

Page Not Found (428 views, last view 14/06/2019 16:32:53)
The page you are looking for the site does not exist. This page may have been removed or you may have typed the URL in incorrectly.

Example Old News (447 views, last view 08/06/2019 11:03:09)
This is an example of an archived news item.

Access Denied (450 views, last view 14/06/2019 06:34:08)
This page is shown when a user attempts to access a section of the site that they do not have the correct privilidges for.

Security Overview (508 views, last view 08/06/2019 11:03:40)
Manage the security for the site. You are able to set the privilidges for the channels on this site.

Slide Show Gallery (585 views, last view 10/06/2019 03:53:43)
The slideshow gallery shows a single image per page but the user does not have to scroll, it happens automatically! Truelly wonderful.

BBC News (590 views, last view 14/06/2019 01:57:42)
The BBC News site is probably the best on the internet. A fantastic site which bring the latest news to the world. The Latest news, the latest business views and reviews and all the sport you can throw a stick at.

Multi Page Gallery (625 views, last view 15/06/2019 17:06:43)
The multi page gallery shows a single image per page and the user scrolls through them by using the next and previous picture buttons.

Single Page Gallery (626 views, last view 15/06/2019 00:22:03)
The single page gallery shows each image one after another. The visitor scrolls downwards to view the additional images.

Mbro Football Club (633 views, last view 16/06/2019 07:30:57)
Middlesbrough football club are the red and white pride of the North East. Playing at the Riverside stadium, they have to be the greatest team to play well in Middlesbrough.



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