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Site Updates
29/02/2004 18:08:26

17 August 2003 - Site goes live
Site eventually put live after managing to migrate the database to the server. In addition, a few modifications were made to functions that still called the COM object to parse the XML pages.

25 August 2003 - Minor Updates
Update News Article template to have a break at the end of the page. First time I've had enough content on a page to warrant some additional space before the footer. Also started to get the highlighting of menu items working correctly.

31 October 2003 - Minor Updates
Spurred on by buying a new digital camera and an impending trip to India, the fact the site always fails in live needs to be resolved. And I should fix all the bugs so I can add content easily. Checking the ability to create channels and checking what can be done about tidying up the menus down the left hand side.

31 January 2004 - SQL Server to MS Access
Battling to find a PC that I could access SQL Server on the Catalyst box was the driver for migrating to MS Access. Data moved in about 5 minutes but some of the SQL statements needed some modification as inner joins galore don't seem to work. And its going to save 50 a year on the hosting charges which is all good for the bargain!



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